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All the Clear Facts About Black Hair Care (The Short Version)

Now that black women have collectively made the switch from relaxed to natural, it's time to get real. You see dozens of Type 4 Youtubers and Influencers with inches of thick hair going down to waist length and you're wondering, "What am I doing wrong??".


The answer is a lot more simpler than you think. The short version is: you are not caring for the ends of your hair.

The ends of your hair are the oldest on your head since they have been there the longest. For this same reason, they are also the driest. Dry Hair = No Length

Naturally, Type 4 hair is drier than any other type so we need to care for our hair a little bit differently if we want to see maximum growth.


Your Questions about Hair Growth and How to Solve Them to See Success:

  1. "I'm using a hair growth oil so why is my hair not growing?" Assuming that you are massaging the oil into your scalp for 10-20 seconds, you are most likely neglecting the rest of your hair. In order to retain length, you MUST care for the ends of your hair just as much (if not more) than your scalp.
  2. "Why is my hair growing so slow?" On average, black people's hair grows 4 inches per year. This is slower than other races who's hair grows an average of 6 inches per year. So be sure to track your growth every 3 months to ensure your length has grown at least 1 inch.
  3. "How can I make my hair thicker?" This process will also take time but ingredients such as Castor Oil, Avocado Oil and Burdock Root can help with this issue. We recommend this Herbal Stimulating Hair Growth Oil as it contains herbs and oils that are great thickening agents. Don't forget to massage it into your scalp!


3 Best Practices for Proven Effective Hair Growth:

  1.  Moisture is vital for hair growth but it should always be balanced out with protein. Try using a moisturizing conditioner 1 week, then switch to a protein conditioner for the following week. Alternate these conditioners weekly or bi-weekly to ensure a proper balance.
  2. Dust/Trim your ends every 10-12 weeks. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you may only need to dust your ends instead of a trim. You do not need to cut too much off if you're being consistent with your trims! Don't believe the hype.
  3. CARE. FOR. YOUR. ENDS. I cannot stress this enough. If you wear protective styles often (braids,buns, etc), your ends are protected. However, in between styles you must deep condition AND moisturize your hair with a water-based moisturizer, focusing mostly on your ends. MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE.

3 Mistakes in Hair Growth that Make you Look Dumb:

  1. Using shampoos with sulfates (this strips your hair from its natural moisture!) Try a moisture based shampoo instead.
  2. Not using heat protectant
  3. Wearing hairstyles that pull or add a lot of tension to your hair (be gentle!)