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This ONE fact about your hair will change your perception of Hair Growth

facts about hair growth 4c hair healthy hair journey
So you go to the salon to get a blow out. The hair stylist is removing your rollers and is preparing to blow dry. She's just about finished with your wash and says and then she does the unthinkable.

She bumps your ends! *cues horror music*

We have all been there. Afraid of bumped ends because our hair will look too short. Call me Jennifer Lopez because I had had enough of this issue. In this article you will learn the basics of growing long hair, maintaining its health and this product you should use.

length check hair growth healthy hair journey

This is a photo of at my hair back in 2011 along with a poorly labeled "Length Check" T-Shirt. Split ends, uneven, no volume, you name it. After intensive research and trial and error, I found a routine that worked for my hair needs. I also found the main problem with "hair growth". Nine out of ten times there is NO problem with actual hair growth. In fact, your hair is always growing. The problem lies with the ends of your hair. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair. Since they're old, they tend to be the most dry. Now, lets apply some math to this logic:

Dry ends = Breakage

Hair growth from your scalp + Breakage of your ends = No length change => Hence, your hair appears to always remain the same length. In other words, your hair breaks as much as it grows.

Solution: Moisture, moisture and more moisture. Your ends MUST stay hydrated in order to retain length. That way when your hair grows, your ends are no longer breaking so you will start to see some length back there. African textured hair are generally dryer than other textures which is why it appears that we generally only have this problem. A simple hair care routine can solve all of these issues.

I can absolutely guarantee you that you will see a change in the health and length of your hair. The second photo was 4 months into my hair journey. My hair was full of so much life and bounce. The third was 10 months into my hair journey. I absolutely loved my hair ever since. Getting a wash and set was the highlight of my month because I was super confident in how my hair looked. Here is a simple regimen that can help:


Moisturize your hair from root to ends (focus on those ends!)

Lock in your moisture with a Sealant Oil. Sealant oils help make sure that your hair remains moisturized especially during cold weather conditions. Click here for an excellent moisturizer and sealant duo.


Weekly/Bi-Weekly (According to your hair needs):

Deep condition


Bi-Weekly/Monthly (According to your hair needs):

Shampoo with a gentle, moisturizing shampoo. I recommend the Guava Coolada Moisture Blast Shampoo. No harsh sulfates or chemicals so it will not strip your hair of it's natural oils.


Helpful Tips:

  • Try to manipulate your hair as little as possible
  • Wear protective styles to avoid manipulation (Buns, wigs, braids, etc)
  • Start your healthy hair journey with freshly trimmed ends
  • Dust (lightly trim) your ends every 12 weeks (Every 2 weeks will eliminate length)
  • Alternate between moisturizing conditioners and protein conditioners to balance your hair needs
  • Avoid ingredients such as sulfates and mineral oil
  • Avoid direct heat (flat ironing, blow drying) as much as possible. Try to limit yourself to no more than 1-2 times a month

There you have it! Best of luck to anyone starting their healthy hair journey!

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  • Yes, It works!!! My hair drinks oil but this product not only works but tames my dry dull hair!!! 2 thumbs up
    5 Stars

    Dani B

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